Late Mrs Vineeta Bawa (1960 – 2016)

Mrs Vineeta Bawa was leading the West Indore Campus.Vineeta Bawa

With over 25 years of educational experience and over a decade at the helm of joint management with Col Kak (Retd.) at the West Indore campus, Mrs Bawa was a cauldron of experience. Known for her specific demands for quality and discipline, she commanded a highly motivated and vibrant staff who greatly respected and avoided careless attitudes with her in equal measure.

Over the years she had grown in experience and stature and was recognized for and credited with impeccable standards and quality control at the West Indore campus.

She will forever be remembered for her long standing service and contributions to the institution, and for the unwavering loyalty and fortitude she possessed.

Progressive Education wish her peace and happiness wherever she is.

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