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Please read the following general information carefully


The school presently functions out of three locations. The eastern half at Dhar Kothi of the city is at the newly launched campus at Dudhiya on NH 59 A. KG to XII for the western half of the city are held at the campus located at 49-A Dashera Maidan.

The main office of the school is at 64/67 Dhar Kothi, Residency Area, Indore 452001.


The academic session commences from the first week of April each year. There are long summer holidays during May & part June, and a short winter holiday in December. During the year, there are short breaks for festivals. These and other holidays are given in the school calendar. There are about 220 working days planned for the academic year.

School Hours

We have closed Saturdays in School twice in the month having no or negligible holidays and a six-day week otherwise.

Students arrive by 8:00 am and dismiss at 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday/Saturday for classes up to IV currently. (Subject to seasonal rescheduling)


Provision of meals by the school to the students is on a voluntary basis. If parents desire and opt for the same, the school will arrange milk or other drinks and a snack at mid morning. Thereafter, the school will arrange a vegetarian lunch. If parents do not opt for school meals, they will be required to send appropriate vegetarian food in a tiffin along with the child in the morning. These will be consumed only in the dining hall along with others during the appropriate break.


(The use is voluntary and at mutual convenience)

School buses are available to pick up and drop off children. The routes and stops are designed to reduce the travel time and students are expected to be escorted to, and picked up from these stops as per the informed timings. Bus fees are charged separately, from those wishing to use the facility.

Dress Code

The prescribed unisex dress to be provided from home for boys and girls up to class VIII is a white half sleeved T-shirt with a school crest, plain standard blue denim shorts / divided skirts / standard blue jeans. Jeans must be waist high and ‘comfort fit’ as opposed to low cut and tight. Girls of class VIII upwards have the option to wear a dark blue ‘Kurta’ and white ‘Salwar’ as per given design and material. Footwear is white sports shoes and white socks. In cold weather, private jackets / jerseys of a single color, preferably navy blue may be worn. On any occasion allowing a non-uniform dress to be worn, please ensure a conservative selection. For any assistance with the school uniforms, please contact the school office. School crests are available with the office.

Please note that

  1. The fees take care of all administrative needs and academic activity within the school. There are no hidden charges.
  2. All fees bear relevance to the working days of the academic year and are not linked to vacations or breaks in the year.
  3. All fees are payable at the school office for the full academic year but are collected in three installments only for the financial convenience of the parents. Any concessions are purely at the discretion of the school and cannot be demanded as a right.
  4. All fees are receipted and are payable in cash or local cheque / DD drawn in favor of Progressive Education School. A late fee is charged for non-payment after a due date. After 30 days of non-payment, notice for striking off the name from the school rolls is issued.
  5. Sibling (real sister / brother) concession stands at 10% of the tuition fee (only) is given to the older sibling(s) while studying in the school.
  6. Change of fees if any, will be informed by end January of the current academic year. Any increase will be to compensate rising costs in the educational environment.
  7. Fees of mid-session admissions may be concessional only in so far as bus and tuition fees are concerned and at the discretion of the school.

*Fees breakdown is separately available on inquiry*

Office Hours

The School office functions at 64/67, Dhar Kothi & 49-A, Dashera Maidan, Indore from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 pm. Monday to Saturday on all working days with a lunch break from 1.45 – 2.15 p.m.


Parents of the admitted children are sent guidelines, which assist them and us in educating the child in our school. The policies and rules laid down in this prospectus and the Guidelines may change from time to time as the need arises and the management reserves the right to change / modify these at any time to better serve the needs of the children. We, however, welcome and are open to valuable suggestions from the parents and public.
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