A Note of Caution

We strongly advise that parents read this information to assess that they believe in and are willing to accept and cooperate in this different system of education before taking admission and committing their child to our care.


At Progressive Education school a child is a total personality to be developed through education and not just a machine designed only to score high marks in an examination. This School does NOT have the typical, conservative and inflexible education environment generally prevalent in the country today.

Our mission is to equip the child to succeed in tomorrow’s world – the world of the child’s future.

What is the world of the child’s future?

  • There will continue to be an exploding and bewildering world of knowledge, too vast for any child to grasp at that age.
  • Complex fruits of science and technology will surround the individual.
  • The competition to survive will be world wide and intense with the relentless rise in ‘educated’ populations.


To fulfill our mission, we have set out the following objectives. The child should:

  • Possess the skills to acquire, comprehend, process and successfully apply throughout life, the knowledge appropriate to his / her chosen field or career.
  • Develop logical reasoning and conceptual ability suitable for comprehending and imbibing science and technology.
  • Be self-assured, confident and expressive both verbally and in writing, and be capable of independent and creative thought and action.
  • Have acquired the values and character to make the appropriate decisions in both personal and professional life, and also be a socially responsible person.

We have assessed that the two major current obstacles to our stated objectives are:

  • The prevailing reliance on text books for imparting education, which severel restricts and confines the foundation, mental growth and potential of a child especially at the pre primary and primary stage.
  • The overwhelming emphasis on frequent, repetitive examinations which serve little purpose to the child’s future but on the contrary often have a great adverse impact on both the child and the family.


The school presently functions out of two locations. Classes KG above for the eastern half of the city is at the new campus at Dudhiya on NH 59 A. KG to XII for the western half of the city are held at the campus located at 49-A Dashera Maidan. The main office of the school is at 64/67 Dhar Kothi, Residency Area, INDORE – 452001.

The System

The existing syllabi laid down by the educational authorities coupled with the prescribed textbooks are still so rigid and pedantic as to have little relevance to the child’s current needs or to the child’s growth towards future needs. There is currently little effort towards practical application of the knowledge being gathered by the child. We have designed our system up to class VII with a syllabus much broader than purely academic and which are flexible and can easily accommodate new ideas and techniques whilst fulfilling our objectives.

At the kindergarten level-

"The education of even a very small child, therefore, does not aim at preparing him for school but for life." Maria Montessori

  • The child is exposed to an environment in which he/she enjoys learning activity in a school and develops fine motor skills through planned alternate activities preparatory to formal writing.
  • Simultaneously, the, child is encouraged to develop confidence through oral expression and develop individual creativity through drawing, painting etc.
  • The emphasis is on developing oral skills in the languages of English and Hindi (as a pre-requisite to reading & writing skills), and the mental awareness of numbers and their basic and simple application.
  • There are no tests or marks, instead the parents receive a detailed report on the child twice in the academic year at the end of the months of October and March.

At the pre-primary level –

  • We use exercise books but not textbooks. Books from the school library arc used as aids and for reference in developing the required skills in the children. For reinforcement and review, we also prepare and use work sheets, which may be completed in class or at home.
  • Up to c1ass 1V, the children develop adequate oral, reading and writing skills in the languages of Hindi and English; oral skill in the Sanskrit language; comprehension of and skills in application of mathematical operations appropriate to the age/class level skill in the operation and creative use of computers. Knowledge of history, geography and basic sciences are conveyed while teaching the languages. Besides the purely academic side, creative thought, action and development of the individual is fostered and encouraged through art, writing, dramatics, public speaking etc.
  • We do not have any formal or form of examinations but instead there is a process of continual evaluation and review during the year. A detailed subject wise assessment and qualitative report on the progress of the child is given to parents twice in the academic year in October and in March. At the primary level-
    The students are automatically absorbed into Progressive Education II for class V and upwards till class XII. PE II is affiliated to the CISCE New Delhi for the Class X and Class XII Board Examinations and is managed by a registered body titled the Friends of Children Society.

Please note that –

  • We have incorporated in our syllabi all information, knowledge and skills subsequently required by the existing system to successfully appear for an ICSE/ISC Board Examination at secondary/senior secondary level.
  • Our students are also competent to study in and / or appear for any other school or examination system in India or for that matter abroad, where English or Hindi is the medium of education.
  • We do not believe in tuition or tutoring at home either by parents or others and our methods in school do not encourage this.
  • We arrange all the books and stationery required in the learning process in school.


The academic session commences from the first week of April each year. There are long summer holidays during May & part June, and a short winter holiday in December. During the year, there are short breaks for festivals. These and other holidays are given in the school calendar. There are about 220 working days planned for the academic year.

School Hours

We have closed Saturdays in School twice in the month having no or negligible holidays and a six-day week otherwise.

Students arrive by 8:00 am and dismiss at 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday/Saturday for classes up to IV currently.

Home Work

Spending about six hours in a day at School is normally sufficient work for a child at pre-primary level. The current concept of homework is to make teaching easier for the teacher at school; show the parent how much is being taught in the school syllabus and to reinforce the tuition system. We are not in favor of this concept and believe that homework should:

  • Be an enjoyable self effort
  • Be a reinforcement of what has been learnt at School
  • Be of a short duration
  • Be creative as far as possible


The children participate in development activities such as dramatics, debates, public speaking, music dance, art and crafts, chess etc. which enhance the positive traits of a child’s personality and bring out the talents she / he may possess. These activities are added over the years as the facilities / resources increase.


We view sports purely as a recreational exercise to be used to foster certain desirable values in a child. While we do have Sports coaches, please do not expect professional training in any sports since achieving any worthwhile excellence in a sport requires a daily routine and commitment not feasible in the current educational environment and system in our country, especially in a day school. If this is desired we suggest enrolling the child for evening training in the many sports coaching facilities available in Indore City.

The new campus on NH 59 A will have all the open spaces and facilities required for a wide range of extra curricular activities. As is our policy, all children unless due to health or disciplinary grounds, participate in sports during the allotted activity periods in the daily curriculum.

Interaction and Feedback

This school is a professional organization with an appropriate attitude to all aspects of its functioning. Our staff is motivated, cohesive, experienced and is continually trained ‘on the job’, with the freedom to be creative and innovative n fulfilling the organizational objectives as well as the objectives laid down for each class level. Parents may take an appointment to discuss in detail their child’s progress with the staff after prior consultation on the telephone, or during the parent – teacher meetings held in the academic year. Remedial classes for some children, requiring additional help or to complete their unfinished class work may be held after school hours/holidays at school and the parent is required to drop off and pick up the child for the remedial class on these days.


Punishment as a concept is strongly discouraged. We prefer to talk to children and reason out the undesirability of any incorrect actions or words used.

There is no corporal punishment in this school


Provision of meals by the school to the students is on a voluntary basis. If parents desire and opt for the same, the school will arrange milk or other drinks and a snack at mid morning. Thereafter, the school will arrange a vegetarian unch. If parents do not opt for school meals, they will be required to send appropriate vegetarian food in a tiffin along with the child in the morning. These will be consumed only in the dining hall along with others during the appropriate break.


(The use is voluntary and at mutual convenience)

School buses are available to pick up and drop off children. The routes and stops are designed to reduce the travel time and students are expected to be escorted to, and picked up from these stops as per the informed timings. Bus fees are charged separately, from those wishing to use the facility.

Dress Code

The prescribed unisex dress to be provided from home for boys and girls up to class IV is a white half sleeved T-shirt (school crest stitched on later), plain standard blue denim shorts / divided skirts / standard blue jeans. Jeans must be waist high and ‘comfort fit’ as opposed to low-cut and tight. Footwear is white sports shoes and white socks. In cold weather, private jackets/jerseys/wind cheaters of a single color, preferably navy blue may be worn. For any assistance with the school uniform, please contact the school office. (School crests are available with the office)


The admissions in all classes are handled on a ‘first come – first served’ basis. However, to balance the boys and girls in the class, sometimes either the girls or boys may be given preference from those on the waiting list. Preferential admission from the waiting list will also be given to the siblings of children already enrolled in our school. Please note that we are unable to be a ‘special needs’ school which requires suitably trained teachers and support staff herefore, if it is revealed that the admitted child has a learning or mental disability which cannot be routinely handled, we shall have to cancel the admission.

We do not take donations for admissions

For a child at KG I level we DO NOT interview the child. We accept a first come first serve registration till the vacancies are complete and there after take names on a waiting list on a ‘no cost – no commitment’ basis. It is possible to register a child up to a maximum of three years ahead of the year in which admission is being sought.

For KG II & Class I, the child is registered after verifying the year of birth is appropriate. There after the child is orally assessed for his / her suitability to fit into our system and especially so in the proficiency in English, which is the language of communication used in the School. If acceptable, the child is offered admission depending on a vacancy being available. For class II to IV, the child is first registered with us for admission and being acceptable as per the interview/test is offered admission depending on a vacancy being available. Written and oral admission tests in English, Hindi and Mathematics are held for entrance to class II and above. Selection is made on the basis of a minimum acceptable standard and thereafter on merit and vacancies in that class. If an admission offer is not taken up by the due date, the offer and the registration stand cancelled. Registration may, however, be shifted once to another year before the offer of admission is made.

The minimum age for admission to class KG – I is completion of three years before 1st January of the year admission is being sought and calculated accordingly for the higher classes.

The registration form is at the end of this Prospectus.

Please note that:

  • The fees take care of all administrative needs and academic activity within the school. There are no hidden charges.
  • All fees bear relevance to the working days of the academic year and are not linked to vacations or breaks in the year.
  • All fees are payable at the school office for the full academic year but are collected in three installments only for the financial convenience of the parents. Any concessions are purely at the discretion of the school and cannot be demanded as a right.
  • All fees are receipted and are payable in cash or local cheque / DD drawn in favor of Progressive Education School. A late fee is charged for non-payment after a due date. After 30 days of non-payment, notice for striking off the name from the school rolls is issued.
  • Sibling (real brother / sister) concession stands at 10% of the tuition fee (only) is given to the older sibling(s) while studying in the school.
  • Change of fees if any, will be informed by end January of the current academic year. Any increase will be to compensate rising costs in the educational environment.
  • Fees of mid-session admissions may be concessional only in so far as bus and tuition fees are concerned and at the discretion of the school.

Fees breakdown is separately available on inquiry.

Office Hours

The School office functions at 64/67, Dhar Kothi & 49-A, Dashera Maidan, Indore from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 pm. Monday to Saturday on all working days with a lunch break from 1.45 – 2.15 p.m.


Parents of the admitted children are sent guidelines, which assist them and us in educating the child in our school. The policies and rules laid down in this Prospectus and the Guidelines may change from time to time as the need arises and the management reserves the right to change / modify these at any time to better serve the needs of the children. We, however, welcome and are open to valuable suggestions from the parents and public.

There are many articles written by educationists, members of the public and others based on their experience with the prevailing system of education. At Progressive Education, we have already provided since 1996 an alternative, which captures the spirit of many of these views as well as of our own experiences.

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