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hhmaharaniIn the last fifty years, the world has dramatically changed, socially, technologically, economically and environmentally. This rapid rate of change will continue. Regretfully, there has been little, if any, change in the education being given to schoolchildren in our country during the same period. We have introduced the necessary changes required in the system of education in 1996 and improved upon them each successive year. Almost all recent changes and proposals instituted by the government in the Indian educational system have been incorporated within our system since 1996.

In brief, we help and guide the children to acquire thinking and academic skills which can then be utilized wherever and whenever throughout life. These skills are acquired in an environment, which also propagates social skills, moral values and ethics. There is no mass production of students’ results. Each child is an individual and is treated as such. Our education is designed around this belief and the accompanying system copyrighted in 2008. The curriculum has been styled by us and is an original, unique concept up to class 7. Thereafter, we have to revert to the existing curriculum to meet the needs of the current educational system. The clear-cut focus of our curriculum is to instill in a child, the ability to think for him or herself. The power to reason and to apply logic is encouraged.

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