Mr. Arjun Kak

After spending his initial years in Indore, Arjun attended boarding school at the Lawrence School Sanawar in Himachal Pradesh. He then went on to join Malvern College in Britain after completing class / grade 8. He extends his appreciation to a very enriching and invaluable 5 years at Malvern College, which he believes helped him explore himself and his potential and resulted in him securing a seat at Imperial College London.

Arjun, after graduating, joined the financial sector as a trader and thereafter spent his time working in the city of London.

He decided to return to India in 2010 after having spent over a decade abroad. He currently teaches English and is involved in the management of Progressive Education School as the director of the Eastern campus.

Having experienced some of the best standards of education himself and having an understanding of the aspirations and requirements of a very international, dynamic and competitive world, he decided to blend the best of all things Indian and international. His efforts extend to creating a synergy between the use of technology, innovation, work ethics and the result oriented, meritocratic ideals and approach required internationally, by coupling them with the values, discipline, culture and respect of India; also looking to rising Asia, he is ambitious about the prospect of one day having the children of all Progressive Education Schools communicate with the bulk of the continent through the knowledge of languages such as Chinese-Mandarin and Japanese.

His exposures, experiences and direction in life are worldly and quality driven. He firmly protects the integrity and different style of work done at Progressive Education since its inception in 1996. He continues to strive to better the existing and invests heavily into overall skills development and the creation of a dynamic education experience for the children of Progressive Education Schools.

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