Mrs Neeti Malhotra


Mrs Neeti Malhotra currently leads the East Indore campus.

During her own upbringing Mrs Malhotra experienced multiple state education disciplines owing to her family relocating frequently on professional grounds. She had also taught in various schools where the common experiences she encountered prior to joining Progressive Education School were those of the prevailing systems failing to address children as individuals and highly restrictive environments for teachers which only sought procedures to be fulfilled.

Disillusioned and dis-satisfied, she decided to apply to Progressive Education School. At the institution her faith in the system of education was salvaged and she appreciated the ideals based on which the institution functioned.

A decade in the making, today Mrs Malhotra  is in a position to lead a team on the very principles of freedom, individuality, creativity, efficiency and positivity which she had appreciated as a teacher with the institution herself.

A lady of a pleasant yet firm demeanour, she has earned her place and respect amongst the team of staff and students she has to lead.

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