A bright future

We are recruiting for academic year 2016 – 17

All successful applicants will be highly motivated individuals who possess  a keen interest in the field of education, have strong interpersonal skills, fluency in the English language and as an added bonus, possess language abilities in one or more of the following: Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, French, German, Spanish.

These individuals will be quality driven, subscribe to a result oriented approach and derive a genuine inclination towards exploring and implementing methods to teach that go beyond the existing systems prevailing in the country.

These individuals will display flair for creativity and originality, and will be selfless in their approach to the creation of a better environment for children to learn.

Experience is a bonus for those seeking to apply for teaching positions up to class VII, however, mandatory for teaching positions for class VIII above; these individuals must also have a B.Ed. and post-graduate degree in the subject of their specialisation. In-house orientation, training and counselling will be offered to all successful applicants.

Applications for all subject streams and support functions are welcome, and an applicant can apply from anywhere within India.

*Overseas applicants are currently welcome to apply for the following teaching positions:

English primary level
Chinese (Mandarin)
Kindergarten 1 and 2

Fine Arts
Crafts (Sculpture, Pottery, Printing, Diorama)
Film and theatre

*Only overseas applications from countries recognized by the Govt of India will be considered.


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