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Graduate training and recruitment program

(For academic year 2016-17)

If you have recently graduated or are just about to graduate and wish to consider a career in the field of education, for the first time Progressive Education is offering opportunities to young people in this form.

The institution is opening positions for a maximum of 3 graduates for the year 2016-17 where the individuals who qualify for the training program will be guided through all steps to achieving a fulfilling career in the field of education.

The management’s ambition is grow the individual and to foster all the different qualities desired from an outstanding teacher, administrator and leader, and also to build a successful career for young, talented individuals.

Out of the 3 successful applicants, all, some, one or none may be selected to remain for year 2. The program will be challenging and will test the candidates to their maximum potential. The ones who may leave will however go out into the world with a unique perspective and wealth of training to utilize to their advantage.

All 3 applicants can expect to receive a remuneration deal of Rs. 15100 / month, for year 1.

For the individual(s) that remain, the remuneration they can expect is as follows:

  • Year 2: Rs 20,000
  • Year 3: Rs 25,000
  • Year 4: Rs 30,000+
  • Year 5: Negotiable

*All applications are invited from within India only.

We expect the competition for these positions to be intense, hence, to manage the demand, if you do not hear from us within 30 days of you having sent the application, then your application was un-successful. The last date by which we expect all applications to be submitted to us is by the 31st of December 2015.

All applicants have a single attempt to secure a position with us. We will not consider repeat applications.

To apply for the program please send us a covering letter (free of errors and in beautifully written English) detailing why and for how long you would like to be part of the field of education and the specific reasons that attracted you to a program of this sort. Additionally you must attach a copy of your CV and send it to: gradrecruitment@progressiveeducationschool.com

If you have been selected, the director will get in touch and guide you through the rest.

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