Please read the following steps carefully

Step 1: Before you decide to apply to us, please make the effort to read the information provided on our website and Facebook page, which you will find in the form of thoughts.

Step 2: After having read the content, you may begin to get an idea that there is something different about these schools. You are not wrong.

Henceforth, if you are convinced you would like to seek an opportunity with us please follow Step 3.

Step 3: There is a list of questions on the next page; all that you need to do as the applicant is to fill out the answers to those questions and click the send button.

If you have been successful at impressing us with your answers, please follow Step 4.

Step 4: Once we have received your answers, we will take up to a maximum of 15 working days to get in touch. If you hear from us, then please follow Step 5.

If you receive no response within the time stated, then your 1st stage was unsuccessful.

Step 5: When we get in touch, you will be required to email us your CV on the following email address:

Step 6: Upon receiving your CV, we will get in touch within a maximum of 5 working days. When we do, we will have a brief chat with you over the phone or video conference, and if we find you suitable, you will be invited to our base of operations in the city of Indore. All expenses for travel and stay will be borne by us.

If you receive no response within the time stated, then your 2nd stage was unsuccessful.

Step 7: Is the 3rd and final stage in Indore (India), which will remain a challenge and surprise for when you will be put through a series of short interviews and scenarios. Depending upon your success at this stage you may be considered to follow Step 8. You will also be required to provide details and some dull paperwork; the briefing of which we will have provided to you prior to Step 7.

Step 8: If you have been successful throughout the above steps, we will negotiate a mutually agreeable set of expectations, which will be met with the complement of premier grade remuneration. A bright future awaits you!

*A note of caution: We will not consider any application with errors or mistakes including omissions of the information requested.

Welcome to Progressive Education School!

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